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After many years of pursuing answers to events of his past, Joshua Grey has decided that his search no longer lies in traveling the world, but in constant experimentation with the Dark Arts. Throughout his studies, he has generated many Curses to assist others who are seeking to attain their desired retribution. These Curses are the strongest known to the Witching World, capable of changing the course of an individual's life.  As a Karmic Master and Practitioner of the Left Hand Path, Joshua is now prepared to Cast any Curse at your request.  He will redirect and absorb the Negative Karma associated with the Curse for your protection.  However, only you can decide if you wish for this power to be used on your behalf. Learn more about Joshua Grey - Click!

What is Black Magic?

Black Magic involves the invocation of evil spirits for an evil purpose, period. Some people try to sugar-coat it, but you know better else you wouldn't be here. When we get wronged, or hurt it is only natural for you to want revenge, although most will try and fight against it, we know this to be true. These are just some of our basic human instincts. Black magic spells work much the same as the white magic; the spells will influence an outcome or the free will of others.

When to use black magic spells?

Have you been scorned by a loved one? Did you get looked over for that promotion that you really deserved? Do you want to break up a relationship that you believe is not healthy? Whether you've been scorned, hurt, abused, mistreated, disregarded, or wronged in any way, Joshua Grey will cast your black magic spell, curse and/or hex for you while redirecting and absorbing the negative karma and energies for your protection.

Welcome to your foes' worst nightmare. - Real Black Magic Curses and Hexes - Get your revenge here!
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Joshua offers a number of curses, including lovers revenge, personal failure & financial failure.